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Microsoft is known for its innovative technology products and services. One of the historical product of Microsoft is, which is broadly used for web based application development.

ASP has a long history since the beginning of internet information server, ASP known as Active Server pages was invented to interact with server while browsing the page. Microsoft evolved this product and integrated it into its suite of web applications that is called Dotnet ( Microsoft .Net technology). is a helpful writing a presentation layer while the business Logic is mainly written in programming languages like C#. This language is a highly advanced version of C and C++ with object oriented programming features. with C# builds a killer combination for web application development. Both of the technologies are attached with Microsoft Trade mark Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) that is called Visual Studio, the current version of Visual studio is 2010.

We provide, C# with MS SQL training because dynamic applications cannot be built without database. MS SQL has also evolved over a period of time since Microsoft introduced this.

We have included AJAX ( Asynchronous Java Script with XML) in our course to meet industry requirements. Following are the core modules of our Training Course

Introduction to

- Overview on ASP.NET
- ASP.NET History
- Goal of ASP.NET
- Visual Studio 2008
- The Start Page
- Framework
- Inline Coding
- New Code Behind Model

Introduction to C# and Extensible Style Sheet

- Overview of C#
- ASP.NET Variables, Operators , Conditions , Loops , Array ,Functions
- Convert Function
- Overview of Object Oriented Programming
- Class and Objects, OOPs concepts

Standard Web Server Controls

- Label, textbox, check box, list box and more

ASP.NET 3.5 with Java Script

- Why Java Script Is required in 3.5?
- Where to write Java Script in 3.5 including and more

Standard Validation Server Controls

- Client Side versus Server‐Side Validation
- ASP.NET Validation server controls
- Using Images for error notification
- Working with validation group

Master Page in ASP.NET

- 6.1 Why do you need Master page?
- 6.2 How to create Master Page?
- 6.3 Web User Controls and Master Page

Learning SQL Server 2008

Introduction of database, basic and advanced concepts.

Data Binding With ASP.NET 3.5

Data source control and live examples of how to bind data with SQL Server using

Data Management in ASP.NET 3.5, Connected Data Access and Disconnected Data Access

Database Operations from ASP.NET Application

Insert, Update, Delete, Select and Stored produres

Data Access with LINQ to SQL

Basic and Advanced concepts of LINQ

Specialized Topics like

- Application State Management
- AJAX and ASP.NET 3.5
- Architectures in ASP.NET 3.5

Live Project

Training is not complete with Live project, we have real live project for our course aspirants.

We also meet Project training (internship) guidelines of MCA, MSc IT, BCA, BE, BSc IT and Diploma IT.