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Monitor DNS Server

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Domain Name Servers (DNS) are an indispensable part of today’s internet use. The most important use of DNS server is translating human-readable domain names to machine-readable ip addresses. If your organization’s DNS servers are down or not functioning properly, it might lead to problems for your end users. They might be directed to a different website than you meant. Multiple services such as mail servers or proxy servers might get affected. It is critical that this service performs without failure and as fast as possible. Therefore, it is important to monitor DNS servers regularly to avoid problems.

How does Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd's DNS monitoring work?

- Monitoring DNS server is quite simple. Click on 'New monitor' and select 'DNS Server'.

- Enter DNS host name, port number (default 53), domain name, IP address and the monitoring interval for checking the DNS service.

- Once you add your DNS server for monitoring in Site24x7, our servers will continuously check your dns server at regular time     intervals. If we detect any problem with the DNS such as downtime or performance problems, we immediately send out notifications     via email/sms/RSS so that you can take the necessary corrective actions.

Using Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd's DNS performance monitoring feature,

- Ensure your DNS server is up and performing well.
- Ensure DNS lookups are working and your DNS server is resolving domain names correctly.
- Get instant notifications when there are problems with your server.
- Improve customer experience by improving performance of your web sites.
- Eliminate any risk of loss of revenue and credibility to your business.

To start using our DNS monitor, all you need to do is sign up for a trial account of Site24x7. No installation required. No software to maintain. Nothing to lose.