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FTP Monitoring

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Ensure continuous availability and optimum performance of your FTP servers.

FTP is the most commonly used network protocol to exchange files over a TCP network or internet. Any downtime or unavailability of your FTP server may result in critical data being unavailable at the right place at the right time. Unavailability of relevant data can result in huge losses in a business. Now with Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd FTP server monitoring feature, you can keep tab on the overall performance of your FTP server round-the-clock.

Using Bizeso Service Pvt Ltd's FTP server monitoring feature,

Ensure round-the-clock availability of your FTP server.
Check for any regional influences in your FTP performance using Bizeso Service Pvt Ltd's 30+ global monitoring locations.
Keep tab on the upload and download speeds via your FTP server.
Get instant notifications via Email/SMS/PDF/RSS as and when there is a downtime instance.
Minimize any risk of loss of critical data and any impact on your business credibility as well as revenue.

How FTP server monitoring works?

FTP server monitor helps you to monitor critical metrics such as server availability, round-trip-time, average response time, file upload time, file download time and response time from various locations across the globe. Once you add your FTP server for monitoring,Bizeso Service Pvt Ltd will use a test file to check the upload and download functions as well as the availability of your FTP server.

A FTP server will be reported unavailable if

- The FTP server is not accessible.
- The username/password is invalid in the case of authenticated FTP servers.
- Response time crosses your specified threshold.
- File upload or download time crosses your specified threshold.

Bizeso Service Pvt Ltd also provide you a comprehensive reports section where you can view, analyze and compare your FTP performance for a given period of time. These reports can be exported as CSV, Email, PDF or RSS for further analysis and study.

To start tracking the uptime of your FTP servers, all you need to do is sign up for a free trial account of Bizeso Service Pvt Ltd. No installation required. No software to maintain.