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Brand management

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Online Brand Management

Online Brand Management is a process which is mainly implied to bring excellence to your brand. This process helps you in maintaining the flourishing of your brand by protecting it against piracy and augmenting its quality according to customers’ expectation. This process is applicable only through an innovative strategy. Oglacs Brand Management Services nurtures your brand on the internet, protect it from disrepute and your customers are made aware of any changes when you need to re-brand your products. Our Online Brand Management services include brand building, brand relocation/Re-branding and brand protection.

Brand Building

Oglacs Brand Building service is aimed to develop a strong online presence for you business' products and service. We do this through multiple forms of position including various forms of media and internet. Through our Brand Building Service we assure you that you can deliver your clients a lasting and positive brand expectation and experience.


This is one component of Online Brand Management and is one of the most important decision for your company. Re-branding ensures that the efforts you put in making your brand stay in the market is not ruined by poor online brand management.

Re-branding service by Oglacs encompass all your enterprise's bases by informing your clients about the changes in brands and unfailingly directing traffic to the new site. Our Re-branding is employed when the following situations arise:

- Domain name change.
- Business firm Re-branding.
- Website Redesign.
- Relocation.
- Server Migration.
- Individual Product Re-branding.
- Product Range Re-branding.
- Overseas Expansion, etc.

Brand Protection

It's often found that competitors generally spread rumors and try to degrade your brand online. We understand your concern about your brand therefore, we provide Brand Protection as a part of Online Brand Management service. You are assured that we timely monitor everything that is published about your brand making sure that, all contents that harms your brand's reputation is left in the ditch.