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Reputation Management

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Reputation Management - Managing/Maintaining your public image online automonously
Investment:                        From USD3,500 a month
Time Frame:                      Ongoing

If you are a person of significant profile, or are looking to become a person in the public eye, who you are and how you portray yourself online is not just increasingly important, but now vital to the success of your image.

When someone searches for your name or company, what do they find?

Are there complaints? Are there people saying how disgusted they are with you? Or is there praise and no matter where they look they find great information about you and your company/profile.

The truth is, no matter how hard you try, you'll never please everyone, it's just a law of averages, if you have an average 100 people in front of you, at least 3 will hate you, not just "not like you" but hate you.

So what happens when these 3 people post in forums, on blogs, or other communication mediums that the public can find?

It influences other peoples perceptions of you... in a negative fashion.

Our Reputation Management service allows you to manage your online reputation, without the frustration or time investment required to do it effectively.

This service is only for individuals or businesses who are in the public eye, are kept strictly confidential, and is price on application as every person or business is different.

What we do:

- Assess your personality or culture you are employing or projecting to the public.
- Manage and maintain your social mediums and search results for your name or business.
- Notify you of key "critical" sensitive aspects.

Call us and speak to one of our Reputation Management consultants to discuss your needs on +91-11- 47841165