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Any server downtime will affect your business as your customers will not be able to access your service. Server monitoring is hence an important activity to ensure smooth running of your business. A typical web infrastructure has many components like servers, DNS service, mail service etc that need to be monitored on a server.

How does Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd Server monitoring work?

Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd supports ping monitoring, monitoring any TCP port on the server, web server monitoring, URL Monitoring, Mail Server monitoring and DNS Server monitoring. These help monitor all aspects of a server typically used as web infrastructure.

Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd Server monitoring will ping the destination server for its availability at regular intervals from our monitoring servers available all over the world. If we detect any problem with the server, we immediately send out notifications via email/sms/RSS so that you can take the necessary corrective actions.

Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd provides availability, response time and downtime reports from all the individual locations. In addition Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd also provides reports that help in SLA management. When a host is not reachable from our monitoring server, Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd generates traceroute to the destination server and will send it along with alert email.

A server will be reported as unavailable if:

- Server Host is not accessible.
- Response time of the server crosses 30 seconds.

You can also subscribe for weekly/daily availability reports through email. These reports includes details such as uptime/downtime charts as well the total downtime details. These reports give you a very good indication of your server's performance over a time period.

Here is how a sample availability chart in Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd looks like:

Using Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd's Server monitoring feature,

- Ensure your server accessible all the time.
- Ensure your server is accessible from all over the world.
- Get instant notifications when there are problems with your server.
- Get daily/weekly reports through email indicating your server downtime details.
- Helps improve customer experience of your server and thereby enhance your reputation.
- Minimize any risk of direct loss of revenue to your business by minimizing downtime.

To start using our ping monitor, all you need to do is sign up for a free account.