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Intranets are the other enterprise communication medium that is becoming increasingly important for any mid-to-large sized company or organization. Corporate Intranets provide management and staff with instant access to internal company-related information; the key feature is that this is possible instantaneously. Personnel can share a host of information and data that include corporate and product presentations, technical information and tutorials, company forms and vouchers, new product/service announcements, electronic brochures and catalogs, competitor information, best practices, recent successes, global-level access to top management, experts or HR, access to corporate databases etc.

The provision of these facilities literally round-the-clock allows for the entire workforce to be in constant touch with every aspect of the enterprise and provides for a seamless working structure.

A corporate Intranet can also provide you with all-important Instant Messaging and audio-video conferencing facilities, which facilitate communication with remote or distributed teams.

Many companies today are using Intranets in novel and innovative ways. These include message boards, mutual interest groups, hobby lists, ideation boards (with the best idea of the day being rewarded) etc, and thus make for good modes of intra-staff communication thus boosting the HR modality as well.

We at CSI have seen first-hand that companies who have implemented Intranets have seen a tangible surge in productivity and efficiency levels, as well as enhanced employee interaction and satisfaction. CSI has proven expertise and experience in developing corporate Intranets and some of its clients include the likes of Moser Baer

If you already have an efficient, running website, you may be ready to now consider having your own internal Intranet.