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Any website owner will know that you cannot leave your website availability to chance, more so in today's internet economy where most businesses depend on their websites for revenue. The effects of website downtime has already been well chronicled. Site downtime leads to revenue losses, both directly and indirectly, and it could adversely affect your company's reputation as well. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you monitor your web site at all times so that you become aware of problems early enough before it translates into substantial loss of revenue.

Site24x7 continuously checks the availability of your websites at regular time intervals. If your site is found to be down or unavailable, it immediately notifies you via Email, SMS, RSS or Twitter so that you can take corrective actions quickly before it affects end users.

How Bizeso Service Pvt Ltd's website availability monitoring works:

Once you add your website for monitoring, the site24x7 servers send out HTTP/ HTTPs requests to your website at regular intervals of time to check if your website is accessible. A website will be reported as unavailable if:

- Website is not accessible.
- Response time of the website crosses 30 seconds.
- HTTP Response code of the response is 4XX or 5XX.
- If the username/password is invalid in the case of authenticated websites.

The monitoring intervals range from 5 to 60 minutes or above.

You can also subscribe for weekly/daily availability reports through email. These reports includes details such as uptime/downtime charts as well the total downtime details. From the 'Reports' tab, you can view your web page availability history reports. These reports give you a very good indication of your website's performance over a specified time period.

Using Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd's web site availability monitoring feature,

- Ensure your web sites are up and running at peak performance at all times.
- Get instant notifications via email, SMS or RSS when your site goes down.
- Get daily/weekly reports through email indicating your web page downtime details.
- Helps you pick the right web host for your business.
- Helps improve customer experience of your website and thereby enhance your reputation.
- Minimize any risk of direct loss of revenue to your business by minimizing downtime.

To start using our web page monitor, all you need to do is sign up for a free account. Sign up today and start monitoring in a matter of seconds!!