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Contact Grabber

Contact Grabber - Grab Contacts and Addresses by a click!

   Manual data entry is a non effective, annoying way to retrieve contact informations from e-mail message signatures,    websites or documents. But fortunately there is a more affordable way for getting addresses in seconds:    ContactGrabber !

   Save names, addresses, phone numbers, signatures etc. from any source, like mails, webforms and yellow pages by    one click into your address book or database!

   Contact Grabber extracts the contact information and adds it into corresponding fields of your Contact automatically!

Let your members invite their friends!

The average user has between 30-150 contacts in their email address book. With our software your members can "invite a friend" or "tell a friend" about your website. All their friends will get an email automatically recommending your website or asking them to come join their friends on your network or website. Ideal for almost any website that depends on a membership. such as dating sites, social networking sites, forums, virtual communities, video sharing websites and many more.

Reduce your marketing cost

The cost savings also speak for themselves. With the average cost-per-click advertising campaigns with the popular search engines costing anywhere from $0.05-$10, each invitation initiated on your website using our software, has the potential or resulting in leads that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars in traditional pay per click advertising or banner advertising.