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Fverse is the universe of freelancers and employers providing the most effective way of getting things done. Fverse helps businesses and employers build their own remote team for their work thereby saving office space, equipment, utility payments etc, making your work more productive and flexible. You get to hire people for your projects from a global market and can get your work done faster, better and at competitive prices. Highest quality professionals like graphic designers, web developers, software programmers, writers etc. are available at Fverse providing their quality services. And the best part of it is you pay for the work you get done, no more no less. You always have alternatives so that you never get stuck. Employers can securely pay their contractors through Fverse escrow after getting best results for their projects. Freelancers are provided with freedom and flexibility to choose their work projects from a global marketplace without worrying about payments, working hours and space. Professionals get paid according to their worth and nothing less. Employers can post their projects and search for professionals around the globe. Professionals place bid on your project and you can choose the best bidder for you. Employer can always check status of their project being worked upon. It’s a literally transparent process. Employers are always notified about everything relevant to their work and can also save their favorite professional profiles. Professional services can be hired both on hourly and fixed price basis. You can release payment after getting results thereby making your project cost effective. And feedback can be shared to maintain result oriented networks. Professionals or freelancers can create their profile showcasing their talent and skills. They can search their choice of projects around the world or can get invitations through their profiles from employers. Freelancers can bid on project they want to work upon or get assignment contracts. They can maintain their work diary, can track projects, make their work team and invite members to their teams. Professionals get paid for exactly the amount of work done or on the basis of time spent for the project. And after the work has been done feedback can always be shared for learning and growing in your field.
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