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Meeting Wizard

About Meeting Wizard

     Use Meeting Wizard to arrange and schedule meetings and other events. As a
     productivity tool it makes the planning process easier and more effective.

Meeting Wizard automatically does the following:

- sends invitations to participants proposing alternate times.
- summarizes their responses.
- updates you on the results.
- sends confirmations.
- sends optional reminders prior to meetings

MeetingWizard requires only that you and your participants have access to e-mail and a browser. It uses the simplest technologies possible, ensuring that all of your guests will be able to use the system.

MeetingWizard has been designed to be effective in more than 90% of meeting planning situations, and does not try to fulfill every possible need. However, it allows for enough flexibility to make changes, add personalized notes, make cancellations and handles most other situations that might arise.

MeetingWizard is designed for the modern workplace. It is friendly but professional.

How MeetingWizard Works

The system typically works in a 3-step process:

1. You invite participants providing a number of optional dates/times.
2. Participants respond to invitations by indicating when they are available.
3. You confirm the meeting or event after reviewing responses.

In addition, there are many other features that ensure you don't forget important details, and that all participants receive complete information about meetings.

Best of all, our basic free service allows you to schedule as many meetings or events as you like.